Nereus Yacht Management team analyze each yachts agenda carefully. The success of each department on board the yacht is a result of our careful planning and organization skills, coordinated by crew and our land-based operation.


We enable each yachts program so that the owners enjoyment is maximized and there are no disappointments. Our team is committed to keeping our yacht images updated so that agents can rely on our any yachts features and descriptions to be exact.

We have a skilled Operations Service and Sales team that oversees and makes sure that every yacht is in the best possible status to be chartered.


We make the most of many marketing tools such as internet marketing,e-newsletters,catalogues,brochures,and public relations advertising. Nereus also has the advantage of positive relationships with all of the top producing charter agents in our area- a very important resource for booking charters.


The management also includes taking over the maintenance of your yacht completely (service, cleaning, bill keeping, etc.). If for any reason you are unable to attend to your yacht because you might either be away or too busy, we are here to offer our professional services.


Once you select us as your charter agents, we'll waste no time in producing a charter marketing program to maximize the potential of your yacht!